Advance Security Locking System

There are many types of advance security locks, but one accepted one is produced by high security locks. This company developed their exceptional lock design in the late sixties, utilizing elevating and rotating pin tumblers combined with angled key cuts. This provided millions of probable key combinations, and created a new, supreme level of security. Angled key cuts were utilized to rotate exceptional bottom pins in the lock, and the use of a side bar and toughened steel inserts created a cylinder that could resist almost any kind of assault. Locksmith Cleveland Ohio believes that the security of home and office is mostly depending upon security tools and technique.

These exceptional angled cuts, combined with the cylinder design, were protected by a utility copyright that allowable only Medeco to product these amazing advanced locks. The original patent was upheld in many court situations. Why is this imperative? As long as the manufacturer’s copyright can be upheld, it’s probable to control the keys that can be made, preventing an innovative key from being made for a lock.

The use of utility patents to give the ultimate key control solutions has been so winning that another design was released in the mid 1985s. This lock design, known as Biaxial, used the rotating and elevating tumbler design, but had an excellent master keying capability. Double cuts on the keys, combined with particular offset tips on the lock pins made it even more protected. The toughened steel inserts gained more planned placement, making physical attack almost not possible. The utility patent on these high quality locks is still used to protect against the illegal duplication or make of key blanks for them.