Building a business is hard work and ensuring the safety of your business is your number one priority. Knowing the difference between the standard security measures that buildings are equipped with and the extra safety precautions a business owner should take are important. As a business owner you want to ensure your property and information within the property are being protected. There are many different aspects of a surveillance system for commercial use that need to be installed and maintained to protect company property. Below addresses the basics that are necessary in protecting your building and employees.

Access Control Systems

Leaving the doors to your office completely unprotected is inviting intruders and criminals into your business. By installing Access control systems on your doors from Durham locksmith and distributing access cards to those who are allowed into the building keeps your building safe and your employees protected. These access control systems can be adjusted by the time that the owner has allocated as working hours to block anyone before or after normal business hours from entering the premises. Blocking the intruders before they can even enter your building alleviates any unwanted crime before it can occur.


Installing surveillance cameras on the perimeter of a commercial building is important to capturing any illegal activity that could occur before it happens or as evidence after the fact. Cameras deter intruders by allowing an intruder to see that the building has the availability of capturing a crime as it is being committed. Depending on the nature of the business heavy duty cameras can be installed to capture far away activity or small hidden cameras can be installed to capture any activity in close proximity. It is important to install enough security cameras in many locations to make sure all angles can be captured and not blind spots are missed.

Alarm Systems

Integrating an alarm system to protect your business after working hours is important when 24 hour security surveillance is not available. Alarm systems can be integrated in conjunction with surveillance cameras to monitor all activity in and around the building whether security personnel is on staff inside the building or the buildings security is being monitored outside of the office.

Investing in a quality surveillance system for your business offers a multitude of benefits. By consulting with a knowledgeable commercial locksmith, you can ensure that your surveillance system is expertly installed, configured, and integrated with existing security measures, providing comprehensive protection for your business assets and personnel. Don’t wait until it’s too late—take proactive steps to enhance your business security today. Keeping your business safe is important in maintaining the livelihood of your company. The security measures mentioned are important factors of a commercial security safety system that all business need. If you want to keep your employees and your business safe you should make sure you’ve installed these devices and precautionary measures for your building.